Tierra del Fuego (Penguins) Magellan Strait Crossing
March 31, 2017
Museum of Memory
March 31, 2017

Keu Ken Ethnic Park

It is located in the so-called San Fernando Fund. Keu Ken Ethnic Park is an interactive and theme park with an outdoor circuit where part of the history of the Magallanes region is told, beginning 12,000 years ago with the settlement of Patagonia until the first decades of the twentieth century. It has 18 stations with human figures and animals of real size, including audios and a station with audiovisual material. The tours are with bilingual guides. In addition the Fund offers other activities such as trekking, horseback riding, paintball and canopy. There is also a cafeteria.

Hours: Always open.
Address: Kilometer 42 South Route
Phone: 56-612 639533
Email: info@fundosanfernando.cl
Website: www.fundosanfernando.cl