What to Visit?

In our region, there are many places to visit.

Magdalena Island

Isla Magdalena is located about 35 km northeast of Punta Arenas. This island is known for its fauna consisting mainly of Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus Magellanicus) which arrive in the colony in the month of September…
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Strait Park

The Park Club is an initiative that seeks to bring together the people of the Strait and the Region in order to promote appreciation for the natural and human history of the Strait of Magellan. By joining the Club you…
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Tierra del Fuego Magellan Strait Crossing

Once in Punta Arenas, a unique experience is crossing the Strait of Magellan. The city that is reached on Tierra del Fuego Island is a small town called Porvenir. Porvenir has a museum to visit and there are also places…
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Full day Torres del Paine

One of the most sought after experiences for our passengers is to visit the famous “Torres del Paine Park”. Usually this experience takes several days. However, from Punta Arenas, it is possible to hire agencies that perform tours for the…
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Visits inside the city (City Tours)

The city of Punta Arenas houses a number of places that are commonly visited by travelers due to their particular beauty. Being a fair city, passengers will be able to visit different places just by walking. When the distances are…
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In the province of Magallanes we have several museums that tell the history of our Region.

Salesian Museum Maggiorino Borgatello

Museum focused on the contemporary history of the region and its ancestors. It focuses on the history of native peoples, nature, urban life and the religious mission developed in the region. There is also a library and a shop. The…
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Nao Victoria Site Museum

Real scale replica of the Nao Victoria, a boat that departed from Seville and became the first to circumnavigate the world. The replica was constructed based on the original technical specifications. It is also possible to find other replicas at…
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Regional Museum of Magallanes

Archaeological, ethnographic, photographic and artistic collections make this museum a source of permanent consultations. It includes studies of the first inhabitants and extinct fauna of the region and more than 45,000 photographs that portray its history…
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Museum of Memory

A beautiful place to spend the afternoon. It consists of old machinery that was part of the industrial force that raised this region. In addition there are period homes with replicas of different facilities such as a drugstore, shoe store…
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Keu Ken Ethnic Park

It is located in the so-called San Fernando Fund. Keu Ken Ethnic Park is an interactive and theme park that features an outdoor circuit where a part of the history of the Magellan region is told …
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Where to eat?

Hostal Hielo Sur offers meals service, however, other places to eat and try the food of our region.

Rock Kiosk:
Address: Roca 875 (steps from the Plaza de Armas).

Chosen as the best chop in Chile, definitely a place to meet. Usually it goes to the hour of the breakfast or of eleven. The specialty is the choripanes and milk with banana, a typical combination of the Magellanic.

Restaurant Dino’s Pizza:
Address: Bories 557 (only 6 blocks from our hostel)

Typical place frequented by Magellanic families for the exquisiteness of their sandwiches and pizzas.

Coffee Tapestry:
Address: Roca 912 (steps from the Plaza de Armas)

Great atmosphere and excellent coffee. Lunches.

Immigrant Coffee:
Address: Quillota 599 Mexican corner.

Special for the eleventh hour, offers sandwiches and sweets, as well as magallanic onces.

Restaurant “La Marmita”:
Address: Plaza Sampaio 678 (six blocks from our hostel).

Author’s mestizo cuisine. Very frequented by tourists.

Restaurant “Hotel Savoy”:
Address: Jose Menéndez 1073.

Various dishes with varieties of seafood and meats.

Restaurant “Between Pots and Pans”:
Address: Jose Ignacio Zenteno 172 (five blocks from our hostel)

Exquisite Ceviches, Sushi and tables.

Restaurant “Status”:
Address: Av. España 22 (3 blocks from our hostel)

Creole food typical of the region. A very familiar place.

Bar / Restaurant “Santino”:
Address: Av. Colon 657 (5 blocks from our hostel)

Regional and imported beers. Tables to share.

Bar Bulnes:
Address: Av. Bulnes 0408 (8 blocks from our Hostel)

Place to meet local people. Great beers and pizzas.

Some Tips for our Travelers

From the airport you usually go to the city via taxi (about $ 10,000 up to 4 people). There are a number of taxis waiting depending on arrival times. You can also ask us to coordinate for you.

Transportation within the city is based on collectives (cars with fixed route), buses with fixed routes and taxis. In general, taxis are cheap and the distances are not very large. Radio Taxi is also used a lot.

The city consists of ATMs that are usually found in supermarkets, service stations and banks. There are several places where credit cards are not accepted, so walking with some cash is sometimes necessary.

In Chile electricity is used 220 Volts (50Hz). The sockets / connectors are called type C and type L. For more information:

Type C: The sockets / connectors type C

Type L: The sockets / connectors type L

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